Monday, September 7, 2015

Well {Hello} there 2015...

Is anyone still out there? Does anyone still get notifications for this old thing?  Prepare to be shocked because I am actually updating for the first time in over a year and a half! I had you all fooled. You thought I was "too busy" or "too exhausted" and maybe you are right...BUT alas, here is my first post this year (yes I know it's September).

It is Labor Day weekend! What a better way to spend days off than with family. We had big plans for this weekend, but a little kink was put in some of those plans when last Thursday Ava ended up getting a fever virus. Poor girl was out of it for 5 days. 5 DAYS with fever. She was absolutely hating missing out on all the fun - it was pitiful. So Friday Mema and Papa arrived and Chad took Lexi and Brooks over to hang out with everyone that night. I stayed home with Ava and we basically just watched movies. I always hate when the poor kids are sick, but I must say -- I love the cuddles! Saturday morning Chad took the other kids again and went over while Ava and I stayed back again. She was acting more herself and we were able to do more things than just sit. One thing we did was play Zingo.  The girls LOVE this game. If I let them, I bet we would play it all day long. Seriously. Saturday after lunch Chad and I switched off and I was able to go finally say hi to everyone and see my sweet nieces! Amy is 2.5 and just has the sweetest little voice. I loved hearing her talk about "Bay  Bwooks". Kate is 8 months old and just waved and waved to me.  She is crawling and clapping and such a smiley baby! We played and got to eat some good ol' burgers and beans that night. Switch off again after supper. Same story Sunday morning - poor Ava was really missing everyone. She was very much herself but had still had some fever the day before so she was still in quarantine.  By  Sunday night everyone else was really missing her too and it was decided she could come eat supper with everyone since she technically hadn't had any fever since the night before. She was elated and just so glad to see people! She had drawn some drawings for everyone that she took over too - a family drawing for Chelsie and a vase of flowers for Mema and Papa.  It was much more fun having everyone together that night. We played in the backyard after supper and the babies were pulled around in the wagon. Poor Brooks got so sleepy he fell asleep in the wagon and then kept on asleep when i picked him up. Sweet boy. Everyone left on Monday - Mema and Papa in the morning and the Inloes family after lunch. It is just so fun to see everyone. We sure do miss them.

Monday night we went over to Gigi and Poopaw's house. They had just gotten back from a short trip and of course had a couple prizes for the girls that they loved. Gigi made an amazing skillet apple pie that everyone fell in love with before they even tasted it! We got to hear about Kevin and Mindy re-doing an old buffet into a TV stand too which was pretty impressive.

On the agenda this week: Grandparents day at school is tomorrow and both Grandmas will be having ice cream with the girls - Amy is spending the week with Mimi so she gets to get in on the fun too! I have to get my oil changed, which is very exciting and note-worthy on the blog for sure. This weekend will be a laid-back weekend due to Chad having a certain procedure done that will make sure we will only be having 3 kids. *ahem*. SO hopefully there will not be another 19 months in between posts ... but honestly, I'm not promising anything. Ha.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mobile Monday!

You may have forgotten what Mobile Monday is. It was a term created long, long ago when I was under the impression that I would have time to update my blog (at a MINIMUM) once a week. It was then promised that during new-found lunch breaks, this Mobile Monday would continue. However, the legend has it that it was lost in a sea of the stress of normal life and no one has seen it since....

Until Now.

Ladies and gent....actually I'm pretty sure its just ladies who read Ladies. I present to you...

Mobile Monday 2014.

THIS is a nutella and strawberry crepe that we made with our new crepe-maker we got for Christmas. Talk about awesome.

How sweet are 'just-because' flowers? They are my favorite :)

A new cupcake shop opened up around the corner from work. It. Is. Awesome.  This is an Andes- int cupcake.

2 things to note. The wonderful tutu on OVER the clothes (seriously, this is a daily fashion statement in the Burris household) , and the fact that she is playing in the pantry. Who cares about the millions of toys you just got for Christmas...the old coffee pot is just so much fun.

Ok. So this is a new thing.....they are dogs drinking out of 'dog bowls'. Not your first guess? Shocking.

...more dog bowls

The smiley cupcake from Ava's 3rd birthday party!

The outfit the day of the 3rd birthday party

The little sisters outfit. Yes, this was a different day than the pantry picture...I told you its a daily occurrence.  Also, she isn't crying although I know she looks like it. That is her new face when you say 'SMILE!'


This has been great by the way!

I cannot believe how time has flown by. This little munchkin is 3 years old!

Tea party time!

Story time with Daddy :)

More cupcakes! These are seriously  SOO good.

Sharing a cupcake with the girls! You can see how glad Ava is that it's Lexi's turn for a bite...

Toys R Us. Chillin in the Cadillac.

Ava's first movie theater experience - we saw Tangled!

Daddy/Daughter date night to Pei Wei!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mobile Monday!

 Mobile Monday!
It's been an exciting week in the Burris household. I really don't think there honestly ever really IS a dull moment. Keeps life exciting, right?

These girls LOVE to brush their teeth!

While Daddy was out of town this past weekend we took a girls trip to the Zoo!

Hooray for snack time!

Picnic lunch in the living room while it rained outside - watching Tangled!

I promise I really do dress the girls and comb their hair ... I know you can't tell from most of these pictures...

No really, I PROMISE I dress them normal.....

Guys camping trip weekend!

Sweet girls happy after school!

This girl cracks me up

Getting ready for Zoo Boo!

The only picture I took while we were there - Ava got to fly an airplane!

This next week will be pretty eventful as well - Wednesday my Mom is coming in town and the girls get some shots on Thursday. Now THAT will be a fun day. There is a 'Holiday Market' in downtown Memphis so you KNOW my Mom and I are checking it out this weekend :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mobile Monday 2.0

Ok so maybe there isn't really a 2.0 update to my Mobile Monday (besides the fact that I'm actually doing Mobile Monday again) just sounded pretty cool.

Here's what we've been up to lately!
Trip to the zoo! Isn't that just the sweetest face and pose?!

At least they are both kind of looking at the camera for this one.

Lexi loves the chickens - one of the most wild animals at the zoo....

Snack break!

Non-stop talker right there.

Trying out the new sit-n-stand-like stroller for the first time! (it was GREAT)

The polar bear was swimming RIGHT beside the glass! You can see him getting a fish in this picture.

This isn't anything too special, I just had a proud mommy-moment when I got the idea to refrigerate the Jello INSIDE the container for lunch. Yess.

This. Is. Genius. A special shout-out thank you to my deal friend Pinterest for this idea. They can't bother each other, they can't draw on anything they aren't suppose to, and they LOVE it!

Pumpkin patch day! They absolutely loved riding this 'train' around. They both stayed in it the entire time.


3 ft and 2.5 ft! (And both smiling!)

See, you KNOW they loved this place since we got more than one picture with both of them smiling. Granted, I did have to take about 20 to get just one, but hey. It worked.

Squishy faces!

Here's their pumpkin picks.

Ava has carried her pumpkin around like a baby ever since she got it. She adores it.

Loading up for the car!

Poopaw took us to a mexican ice cream shop that was DELICIOUS.

Lexi loved to lick.
See how informed you are now? 2.0 seems fitting after all. This upcoming weekend it's me home alone with the girls so there may not be too many interesting pictures since we will basically be in 'survival mode' but we shall see!